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Business consulting service of ICIC Vietnam:

The plan is prepared by a team of experts with many years of experience and understanding of the market, institutions and laws in Vietnam.
Full service, fast, professional, absolutely confidential information.
Helping businesses save a lot of time and costs.
A more professional plan makes your business operations more efficient.
Enterprises can easily convince partners with professional business plans: financial partners (banks, investment funds, individual investors...), business cooperation partners, human resources, etc.
Work content:

Market survey and research.
Situation analysis
Strategic planning
Create a business plan with the following basic contents:
Market research: market overview, competitors, customer needs…
Introduction: businesses, business ideas, business models, products and services, advantages of solutions.
Situation analysis: macro analysis, industry analysis (market characteristics, market size, market segmentation, market gaps), competitive analysis (competitors, competitive capacity) , competitive trends), SWOT analysis, value chain analysis, situation prediction.
Strategic planning: vision, mission, core values, transmission values, orientation goals, strategic solutions, connection strategies, optimization strategies, product and service selection strategies and target market, competitive strategy, situational prediction.
Organization and operation plan: operation process, organizational structure, work assignment, input and output organization, management system organization, management methods, quality management, financial management administration, inventory and materials management. (detailed monthly and yearly figures).
Production planning: production process, production organization, production technology, machinery and equipment, production management, human resources, production targets, implementation organization solutions, production costs, input materials, import and export plan (detailed monthly and yearly data) (For enterprises with production activities).
Service organization plan: service organization operating process, service organization method, input and output management, quality management, service human resource management. (For service providers)
Marketing plan: market positioning, marketing strategy, organization of marketing programs, costs and expected marketing effectiveness. (detailed monthly and yearly figures)
Sales plan: sales strategy (target customers, main approach strategy), sales program organization, sales system organization (sales system structure, operating mechanism of the company) sales system), salary, bonus and commission policy for the sales team, sales goals (number of points of sale, number of salespeople, sales targets, sales revenue, selling expenses) sales performance). (detailed monthly and yearly figures)
Human resource planning: staffing schedule, personnel policy, number of personnel, salary, personnel costs. (detailed monthly and yearly figures)
Plan to organize the implementation of each phase, contingency plans.
Financial plan: financial plan, financial assumptions, capital structure, cost estimates, borrowing and debt repayment plans, revenue projections, projected business results, projected cash flows, Expected balance sheet, investment efficiency, project sensitivity. (detailed monthly and yearly figures)
Risk management: key risk factors and prevention plans, data analysis on a case-by-case basis, and contingency methods appropriate to the situation.
Investment plan: strategy to call for investment (objects, approach), business valuation, expected investment level, plan to use investment capital, share division ratio, rights and obligations services of the parties, plans for divestment, analysis of investment efficiency. (For projects calling for investment)
5. Guide and support customers to implement projects.