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The accounting services that ICIC Vietnam provides include:

1.     Set up accounting systems, accounting accounts, accounting documents, accounting books and statutory accounting reports, suitable for each type of business by accounting software with many open features such as multi-language (Vietnamese - English - Chinese), multi-currency (VND - USD), accounting account system updated according to the latest regulations of the Ministry of Finance, and many other smart utilities.

2.     Classify and arrange the original documents, create appropriate accounting vouchers and enter data into the accounting software in accordance with the accounting regulations of the Vietnamese accounting regime.

3.     Processing operations of summarizing, allocating, transferring costing and costing.

4.     Determine business results.

5.      Periodically coordinate with customer's staff to check the accounting data and balance of some accounts such as: inventory, receivable, payable, advances... before preparing the report. financial and other reports as required.

6.     Make and print reports:

Import and export report
Fixed asset depreciation report
Debt report
Account details book
Financial statements include: balance sheet, business results
Statistical reports and other related reports
Value added tax report
7.     Transfer all accounting books and guide the storage of records, accounting books and financial statements in accordance with regulations.

8.     Represent and represent customers to submit reports to tax and statistical agencies.

9.     Represent and represent customers to explain data and accounting operations to tax authorities, parent company (if any).