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Consulting on setting up a company, setting up a business package, cheap and reputable? Consulting documents, procedures and services to establish the number one company.

Contents of consulting establishing a company, establishing a business of ICIC Vietnam include: Consulting on choosing a business type, consulting on business name, charter capital, company head office... Together with ICIC Vietnam, find out on each of the following issues.

Consulting to choose the type of business
According to the provisions of the Enterprise Law 2020, there are several types of enterprises in our country. Therefore, the content of ICIC Vietnam's business establishment consultancy is first of all to help customers choose the right type of business.

Type of business joint stock company
This is the most common type today. The company's charter capital is divided into equal parts, so it is called a share, and the individuals who own those shares are the shareholders. The minimum number of shareholders is 03 (three) people and there is no limit to the maximum number.

Each shareholder when making capital contribution to the company is only liable for the debts and property obligations of the company to the extent of the contributed capital.

** Advantages: Advantages of the type of joint-stock company mainly lie in the flexible capital structure and high ability to raise capital; large number of members.

** Disadvantage: The disadvantage of joint stock company is that when there is no limit to the number of shareholders participating in the company, it will lead to difficulties in management and administration, which easily leads to problems arising between shareholders.

Type of business Partnership company
A type of enterprise in which at least 2 (two) general partners are individuals, who together jointly bear unlimited responsibility for all activities of the company. In addition to general partners, there may be capital contributors with limited liability within the amount of capital committed to the company.

**Advantage:  For partnership , the number of members is small, so it is easy to manage. Because each general partner has the right to manage and operate on behalf of the company, it is very convenient in the business process when negotiating, signing or deciding.

**Disadvantage:  Members must be jointly responsible with all their assets. Therefore, when the company incurs debts that cannot be paid, the members must use personal assets to pay those debts.

General partners have the right to act independently on behalf of the company, so there is also a risk from this feature. If the direction of the general partners is not good without a mechanism to control their power or they do not voluntarily comply with that control, it will easily cause damage to the company and to the partners. other name.

Type of limited liability company with two or more members
Limited liability company with two or more members is a type of enterprise consisting of at least 2 (two) members and not more than 50 (fifty) members contributing capital. The company is liable for debts and other property obligations to the extent of its capital.

**Advantage: Capital contributors have only limited liability for the amount of capital they have contributed to the company. It is possible to control the generation of new members because, according to regulations, when a member wants to transfer contributed capital, he must offer it to existing members first (ie, have the right to buy priority).

**Disadvantage: The company cannot issue shares. Fundraising is usually only from loans or capital contributions from members.

Type of one member limited company
One-member limited liability company is a type of enterprise owned by an organization or an individual. The owner is responsible for the debts and property obligations of the company to the extent of the charter capital.

**Advantage: Because the structure is owned by an organization or individual, it has the right to self-determination on business activities and the structure of the company is also easy to control and manage.

**Disadvantage: the company cannot issue shares to raise capital. If you want to increase or decrease the charter capital, you must transfer the contributed capital to another person or receive the capital of a new member and if so, it will lead to conversion into a 2-member limited liability company.

Private enterprise
Sole Proprietorship There is only one individual who owns and is responsible with all his assets for all aspects of the business's operations.

** Advantages: With a compact and manageable model. The property of the business owner does not have to be transferred to the business

**Disadvantage: the enterprise cannot issue any securities and has no legal status.

Above is the content of business establishment advice on choosing the type of business. We will provide specific advice based on the wishes and actual conditions of investors at the business establishment consultation.

Consulting on business name
After the customer chooses the appropriate type of business. The next business consulting content for customers is how to name a business.

According to the Corporate Law 2020, each type of business has its own specific name. Businesses may use initials and/or initials