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Infrastructure development of Que Vo Industrial Park

Que Vo Industrial Park (IZ) is the largest and most important industrial park of Bac Ninh province, with a total area of 600 hectares divided into two phases: phase 1 (2002-2052) with a total area of 300 hectares; phase 2 (2006-2056) with a total area of 300 ha.

Que Vo Industrial Park has a convenient location, located on an important traffic road, connecting major economic centers such as Hanoi, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh as well as Noi Bai International Airport ... waterway - Port Song Cau... is very convenient for transporting, exporting and importing goods.

The expanded Que Vo I Industrial Park is located in Nam Son ward (Bac Ninh city) and Phuong Mao and Phuong Lieu communes (Que Vo district) with an area of 300 ha. In which, the land for building the factory is 202.57 ha; operation center, public service 8.16 ha; traffic 38.39 ha, technical works 8.78 ha and trees occupy 42.10 ha.

The internal road traffic system connecting National Highway 18A and National Highway 1B is planned in the form of a checkerboard square with a large tonnage, ensuring convenient traffic to each land lot. The main road is 32m wide (4 lanes), other internal roads are 23m wide (2 lanes), the collection road is 17.5m... to ensure convenient, clear and safe traffic.

The 20-hectare ICD inland port will create favorable conditions for the import and export of goods of enterprises in the IZ with fast and economical services of customs, transportation, warehousing.

Power system is provided by 110kv source from Pha Lai Thermal Power Plant and Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant with 110/22kv main transformer station. The construction of low-voltage stations along with the national electricity network will ensure adequate and stable supply for enterprises in the industrial park.

Water supply system, in addition to underground water supplied from the plant with a capacity of 10,000m3/s, Que Vo Industrial Park also builds a separate water supply network conditioning system with large and high-capacity water tanks. reasonable to ensure adequate and stable water supply for enterprises in the industrial zone.

Fire fighting system and fire protection equipment are installed along the roads in the industrial zone with a distance of 150m/ hose, ensuring that the water poles respond well when a fire incident occurs.

Communication, building a modern information technology system, serving the communication needs of multi-services from data transmission, internet, cable TV, video conferencing, telephone and Fax over IP with 1,000 links. domestic and international connections. Besides the postal network of Bac Ninh province, Que Vo Industrial Park establishes a telecommunications network of international standards, fully and promptly meeting the domestic and foreign communication needs of investors..

After more than 10 years of operation, Que Vo Industrial Park's infrastructure has been increasingly completed and developed synchronously and has attracted a large number of investment projects, mainly foreign investment projects such as Canon, Tenma , Longtech, Youngbo, Bujeon, Goertek...Creates great trust and is a favorable investment location, attracting domestic and foreign investors.